Night Hawk is a Maine-based outfit led by Colter Adams and Peyton Semjen, whose music often blurs the line between indie rock and performance art. Featuring a rotating cast of intrepid players from the New England underground, the project revolves around the question: what do Edward Hopper's paintings sound like? 

Night Hawk's music is defined by stark geometry and bold imagery, underpinned by a deep sense of melancholia and repose. Drawing on Soir Bleu (1914), Automat (1927), Nighthawks (1942), Morning Sun (1952), and other Hopper works, the band has performed at venues and galleries across the Northeast, and grown a thousands-strong audience by word-of-mouth and electric live performances. 

Night Hawk has shared the stage with national touring artists including Y La Bamba, Sadurn, Lady Lamb, Dino Gala, and Dead Gowns, and sold out headline shows in New York City, Boston, and Portland, ME. Their debut EP, Everything Good Ends (produced by Dan Capaldi) is out on all platforms and select record stores in Downeast Maine. 

“Soir Bleu” is an achingly intimate song of isolation and disconnect; of dwelling in our depths, licking our wounds, and stumbling a little bit as we try to better ourselves and our situations. Brutally honest, powerfully self-reflective, and deeply relatable, this song hurts in the very best of ways. Following the band’s first two songs “Sundress” (a jazz, brooding, hypnotic must-listen) and “Dust,” “Soir Bleu” captivates, entrances, and aches all at once.” - Mitch Mosk

Atwood Magazine

Casual Fatality shines with a mix of biting guitar work and the evocative addition of country-inspired cello bursts. The interplay between these elements creates a sonic landscape that draws the listener into the heart of the narrative. The cello adds a touch of melancholy and mystery, perfectly complementing the rough, lo-fi production/mixing style that lends the track its raw and genuine appeal. Haunting, dramatic and catchy, Casual Fatality is a showcase of truly authentic alt rock.” - Fidel Beserra

Right Chord Music

“Bedroom Waltz” is an instant classic like an Edward Hopper painting. There is something about this song that draws you in. It will get you all wrapped up in Night Hawks’ web so that you never want to find an escape. For me, this song reminded me a bit of The Forecast meets the Good Life, but I know that those two references are definitely a bit of a deep dive, so I’ll just say this: “Bedroom Waltz” is a song that has to be listened to, not read about. There are far too many emotions and elements in this song for me even to attempt to talk about all of them, so if you get only one thing out of this review, make it be that you need to hear “Bedroom Waltz” from Night Hawk.” - Langen Goldstein

Girl at the Rock Shows